Webster Bodywork - Where relaxation and healing begin

 About the Practitioner
 I am Lisa Glad, sole proprietor of Webster Bodywork.  
 I came to massage people after 15 years of massaging Equine athletes. I have gained a world of knowledge while I delved into learning a multitude of modalities, herbs, homeopathics, nutrition/supplements, stretching and massage techniques to enhance the performance of top Equine athletes. One of my clients even won the Belmont, the last leg of the Triple Crown! In working with these sensitive yet powerful athletes, I came to understand the importance of caring for the muscle and fascia (Internal labyrinth of connective tissue) for optimum health and well being.

 I received my training from the Healing Arts Center located in St. Louis county. I consider myself lucky to have attended this wonderful school, one of the most respected in the area!

I am also a single mother to a great 17 year old boy, Tyler, who attends Webster Groves High School. 

 My Beliefs
I believe in living a healthy lifestyle and strive to be an inspiration to others. My goal is to help others to take an active role in their own well being. An avid cyclist  myself, I know how important  massage can be to preventing injury, aid in the healing process as well as being a great stress reducer.

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Contact Information:  314-623-9578  Location: 7954 Big Bend Suite 2c Webster Groves, MO 63119  



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